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Your roadmap to
financial well-being.

By changing your behaviors around your money, you'll build a
strong money mindset to help you navigate any obstacle
along your journey.
We're people people
We're people people

You're here to make a difference in this world. And we're here to help you live that life, well funded. We are an empathetic service and community hub that promotes conversation and practical solutions.

We solve money problems
line offers a tangible service— better budgeting, a savings account, and daily money health checks.

Using the best techniques in behavioral science, behavioral economics, and AI-driven technology, has created an app and integrated platform designed to help us learn about our finances, organize and manage our money, and find a community that talks about what wealth means to us.

For the movers and shakers

It means we navigate it, and by “it” we mean life.

"It" stands for all the ups and downs, injustices, barriers, and challenges of life. represents power, accomplishment, and that confidence you feel when you have successfully navigated a challenging situation.

Whether it's financial problems like money management, a salary negotiation, a break-up, a cross-continent move, a cost of living increase, or just a basic conflict about dishes with your roommate, is here.


What does practicing money
mindfulness mean anyway?


Your mood


Connect your mood and spending to know how your behavior impacts your financial habits.

Your money


See your spending trends and use our predictive analytics to know yourself and your finances better.

Your well-being


Simplify the way you achieve your financial well-being. Our FinWell Score will help keep you on track.

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Erin Papworth

CEO & Co-Founder

Maia Monell

CMO & Co-Founder

Kaitlyn Ranze

Community Manager

Naozer Dadachanji

Chief operating officer

Erin Peczynski

Growth Operations Specialist

Morgen Quintus

Lead Product designer

Ilana Seidl

Product Engineer

Sami Miller

Digital Marketing Director
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Notes from Nav.igators

" is a one-stop-shop for finance. The free budgeting app is one of the best resources I've found for a more inclusive and thoughtful approach to money. Recently, they added access to money coaches, features that track your emotional wellbeing about your finances, and community support to cheer each other on with your goals. Plus their social media and gif game is on point!"

McKenzie Stewart