7 months ago Budget Neglect with Dr. Supreet Kaur

Behavioral economist, Dr. Supreet Kaur, helps us unpack the financial stress and lack of clarity we all share time and time again on this episode of the Podcast. 

The Millennial Disruption Index reports 71% of us would rather go to the dentist than listen to what banks tell us. 

Why is talking about and planning for financial outcomes so darn frustrating? No matter your financial situation, you likely shy away from creating a highly accurate depiction of where your money goes month over month, year over year. You're not alone. There are very real psychological inhibitors that prevent us from sitting down and mapping our financial situation based on past events and future goals. 

Dr. Kaur is here to help us not just unpack this planning fallacy and the term she's coined "Budget Neglect," but also gives us actionable steps to improve our outcomes and relationship our money. 

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