over 1 year ago

Nav.igating Long Term Wealth & Partnership with Jen Sapel (Part 2)

Let's be honest, this interview was too good not to include every answer from Jen. So, we've split this into a 2 Part episode as the second half of this interview covers some VERY valuable insights around what your financial journey might look like and how you will recover from those bumps and bruises along the way. Here's what you'll learn in Part 2 of Episode 5 with Jen Sapel: 

  • Money is emotional -- and it's ok to make some decisions based on that gut instinct. But, also, try to realize what might not make financial or long-term emotional sense. Here's how.
  • Find someone subjective to help you in those larger money moves.
  • When to merge your money... and when not to.
  • How to prepare for newcomers in your household.

Oh, and mark your calendar each year to review your credit report. Join us in celebrating a new Hallmark holiday, move over V-Day, meet Beneficiary Day! 

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