11 months ago Sustainable Investing with Courtney Blodgett

No matter what step we're on in our financial journey, crafting an investment strategy that both meets our goals and our moral code is top of mind for most of us. How can we align our financial strategy with our own moral compass? You won't be surprised to learn there isn't exactly a cut-and-dry way to go about how your money can make an impact. That's why we've sat down with sustainable impact expert, Courtney Blodgett. Courtney takes us through the many ways our money can pack more of a moral punch. 

From banking to ESG funds, Courtney teaches us how to prioritize for the things we believe in-- without compromising on that return. You're in for a serious treat! 

Enjoy the episode and don't forget to hit us up here with any feedback, questions, or suggestions. 

You can reach Courtney at her site, Yield Positive:

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