over 1 year ago a Path to F.R.E.E. (Financially Resilient, Empowered Early) with Lisette Austin

And just like that, Lisette is back! 

Free is a weighted word these days. The financial world often cites financial freedom as the ability to live without ties to a 9-5. That's not exactly a realistic goal for many of us- nor would we want it to be. Instead, we want to learn how to become financially resilient so we can live life on our terms, in a career we love.  No one knows how to Nav. a path to our type of financial F.R.E.E.dom better than Lisette. 

Tune in to learn how Lisette nav.igated debt, side hustles, dropping-out, masters degrees, and everything life threw at her in between in this episode of the Podcast.

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