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Danced for Dollars, Invested in her Future

Learn how a nav.igator made a unique investment in her 20s that led to a big return thanks to a girl's best friend (not diamonds)--compound interest. Even more inspiring: she left a toxic relationship, took some unexpected turns, became an exotic dancer to bring in the big bucks, and turned her earnings (and double life) into a nest egg that will serve her well into the future. She also later was able to turn a long time passion into a freelance business. It's an empowerment story about coming out on top— with grit and resilience.  

What You'll Learn

  • How she was able to make a significant chunk of money while young and in college (no judgement!)
  • What led her to decide to invest that money (especially when most of her peers were not thinking of saving for the future). It's a great story.
  • How much her initial small investment is worth today (so amazing)
  • What advice she would give to her younger self, looking back now
  • Why she views her decision to invest as an action of self-worth
  • Information about dollar cost averaging and how it works
  • What her saving habits have looked like after that initial investment
  • How (and why) she learned more about investing and growing wealth over time
  • How she recently turned a passion into a great freelance business
  • Her tips for those wanting to start on a healthy financial path and start growing wealth
  • Why making a few sacrifices is ultimately so worth it  (and we are worth it)

Real Talk

This week's real talk story is about Malawi - so be sure to listen until the end!

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