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Freelancing as a Way to

Join co-hosts Erin Papworth (CEO & Founder of  and Lisette Austin (a.k.a travel hacker Jet Set Lisette) as they talk about freelancing as way to financially and in regards to lifestyle and career development. They both share their own freelance journeys and offer tips and insights into making the leap into a starting a small business.

What You'll Learn

  • Why Erin decided to start a business and start freelancing
  • Some of the challenges that can come with freelancing (real talk)
  • How Erin navigated setting up an LLC,  and why it may not be as intimidating as it seems
  • What freelancing has looked like for Lisette as well
  • The importance of having a good accountant and knowledgable professionals on your side
  • Why it's also important to ask questions, talk about the issues and educate yourself
  • The importance of advocating for yourself - especially in regards to negotiating and setting your contract rate
  • How starting a business has changed Erin's life and perspective - why it's worth it

Real Talk

This week's real talk story from the app community is about Seville, Spain!

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