over 1 year ago the Travel Reward Credit Card System: Jet Set Lisette

Co-Host Erin Papworth turns the tables on Host Lisette Austin (a.k.a Jet Set Lisette) interviewing her about her experiences travel reward credit card systems, resulting in saving over $100K in travel costs. Lisette shares about what travel hacking is, how she's managed to maximize credit card sign up bonuses without damaging her credit score or going into debt, and offers tips to those who want to get started doing the same.

What You'll Learn

- What travel hacking is
- How she started using credit card sign up bonuses as a way to travel
- Why being willing to look at her finances was the real key to travel hacking
- Why her credit score is still in the 800s despite opening a multitude of cards
- Dispelling other myths around travel hacking
- Why staying organized is important (and why the effort is worth it)
- Her favorite spontaneous trip using miles
- A travel fail story. :)
- Tips for getting started with travel hacking 

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This episode's Real Talk story is a fabulous story about one woman's challenges while navigating Hong Kong (complete with surprise ending). 

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