over 1 year ago

True Wealth is Experiential

In this episode CEO and Founder Erin Papworth talks about why she believes true wealth is experiential. Join us for a conversation about why it's time for women to redefine wealth, how learning to nav your finances brings more freedom, and the benefits of increased access to financial systems.

What You'll Learn

  • More about the changing definition of wealth
  • That we are the sum of our experiences and relationships, not our bank accounts
  • How money is a tool to fuel our lifestyles, or a result of us pursuing what fulfills us 
  • Travel as one example of the pursuit of unique experiences
  • The importance of confidence, resilience and grit in your way to your true wealth
  • The history of women (and other marginalized people) and wealth in our country
  • The benefits of increased access to finance management systems 
  • How understanding those systems can help you build wealth, even with a modest income

For this episode's Real Talk story, Erin  shares about how she nav.ed some challenging experiences in Scotland. 

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