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Financial Planning and Socially Responsible Investing: Amy Barnes

In our last episode of the season, we talk to Amy Barnes, a financial advisor with 20 years of experience and founder of Firebrand Wealth Management. Amy is especially passionate about helping women navigate change such as retirement and divorce, women entrepreneurs, and women working in the technology sector. She shares with us why women are typically underserved financially, what socially responsible investing is, and how financial planners can help.

What You'll Learn

  • Why women are typically underserved financially and under-invested
  • What some specific financial challenges are for women
  • Financial planning strategies for women consider
  • What financial planners do
  • Why women tend to be smart investors 
  • What socially responsible investing is
  • What exchange traded funds (ETFs) are
  • How mutual funds are different from ETFs
  • Why it's important to understand fees
  • The different types of financial advisors 
  • How to invest in socially responsible funds
  • What a standard global stock index is 
  • What the best part of her career has been
  • Her advice for getting started with investing and financial planning

Where to Find Amy

Firebrand Wealth Management
On Faceboo

 *This episode is not intended as a recommendation of any investment or security, nor a solicitation of business by Amy Barnes or by Firebrand Wealth Management, LLC.  The discussion is for educational and informational purposes only.

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