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Nav.igating Women's Health: Nicole Negron (Part 1)

Join us as we talk with Nicole Negron, a Functional Medicine Nutritionist who specializes in women's health. Nicole is leading a movement that encourages women to live in sync with their monthly cycles, and bring female brain chemistry and hormonal health into everyday conversation. She shares with us what led her to embark on this career path, what to consider for each of the phases of the 28-day menstrual cycle, and the role that nutrition plays in finding balance within our cycle. She shows us why deeper knowledge and understanding of our cycle can revolutionize the way we work, parent, play and live.

We had so much fun with Nicole that we ended up splitting her interview into two episodes. Be sure to head over to episode 18 when you are done with this one!

What You'll Learn


  • What led her to  work in women's health
  • The work she does with her clients  
  • What endocrinology is 
  • What the female cycle impacts (productivity, nutrition, sex, exercise, etc)
  • Information about estrogen and how it affects the female body
  •  Why what we eat an essential part of the equation
  • How hormones change during the 28 day cycle
  • What to consider for each cycle phase (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal)
  • Myths surrounding the luteal phase ("PMS")
  • How she is helping her clients become more balanced in regards to their cycle and hormone levels
  • How to apply what you learn about your cycle in your life (especially in regards to work and productivity)


  • Nutrition in relationship to the female hormone cycle
  • What kinds of foods are best for each cycle phase
  • How sexuality is impacted, and why sex and orgasms are important
  • Information about when peri-menopause starts and what is causing it to start earlier
  • How to track your cycle when it's hard to do
  • What is important in menopause and post-menopause
  • How to honor our cycle in our daily lives and take good care of ourselves
  • Why learning more about your cycle is so worth it

Where to Find Nicole

You can get in touch with Nicole at or visit her website at  You can also find her on Instagram

Resources Mentioned

Information about Menstrual Cycle Phases
Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer (Mama Gena)  
Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm by Nicole Daedone
Ava Bracelet
Daysy Fertility Tracker
Jennifer Racioppi   

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