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Returning to Work After a Career Pause: Erika Parker Price

Erika Parker Price of the Ready Pause Go podcast spent 10+ years in high-tech marketing before taking a career pause to raise her children. After a challenging but ultimately successful return to work, Erika's goal now is to support women planning to take a career pause or returning to work after one. During this episode Erika shares what prompted her to put her career on hold, and what she learned when she returned after 13 years.  She shares tips and insights for women in all phases of a career pause.

What You'll Learn

  • What her career was before she stopped working
  • What her reasons were for taking a pause
  • What she ended up doing during the pause, and why
  • Recommendations for your resume while in a career pause
  • What led her to decided to return to work
  • What her journey back into the job market entailed
  • Why she started Ready Pause Go
  • Various reasons why women take a career pause
  • What a “returnship" is
  • How a pause could potentially impact your earning potential over time
  • Tips for women considering a career pause, and also for those returning to work

Where to find Erika

Real Talk

This week's real talk from the community section of the app is about New York bagels (seriously).

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