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The Rise of the Female-Driven Economy: Danielle Kayembe

Danielle Kayembe is a female futurist and serial entrepreneur who works on projects at the intersection of women, tech and social impact. Through her company GreyFire, she advises female founders on scaling their businesses and raising capital, and connects companies to ecosystems of underrepresented founders. She is a frequent speaker on topics related to women, social impact and technology on CNBC, TEDx, Google, General Assembly and other events, and has been featured in Forbes and Refinery29. She is also the author of "The Silent Rise of the Female-Driven Economy" a white paper on women and the future of business and innovation.

During this episode Danielle talks about how most products that are supposed to be designed for all people (cars, phones, doors, etc), are actually created with a male prototype in mind. She also shares her thoughts and insights around the silent rise of the female driven economy, explaining why more women are creating products designed with women in mind.

What You'll Learn

  • More about her groundbreaking article: The Silent Rise of the Female-Driven Economy
  • How most products and devices out there have been designed with men in mind
  • How this impacts women – from being able to successfully use their phones to career choices
  • What the response has been to her article and talks
  • How this also plays out in the medical arena
  • The rise of women entrepreneurs who are building solutions based on identified pain points
  • Historical contributions of women in the work force

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