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Women's Travel Fest: Kelly Lewis' Journey into Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Lisette Austin interviews Kelly Lewis, creator of Go Girl Guides (the first series of travel guidebooks for women) and Women's Travel Fest which inspires, empowers and connects women who love to travel. Kelly is also the creator of Damesly, tours for professional and creative women. She shares her journey from bartender to successful travelpreneur and how she created a popular annual event for women from all over the globe. She also tells us how to navigate some of the challenges that come with entrepreneurship - and why it's all worth it.

What You'll Learn

  • What the Women's Travel Fest is and how it got started
  • What it's like to navigate a large event with multiple moving parts (speakers, venue, swag bag, etc)
  • Some of the lessons she's learned along her entrepreneur journey
  • The importance of women asking for the money they need (and deserve) to make their businesses successful
  • How starting an event like  Women's Travel Fest has positively impacted her life
  • Her tips for women embarking on entrepreneurial ventures
  • Information about Damesly, which offers travel tours for professional and creative women

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Real Talk

This week's real talk story is about something that happened to one of our nav.igators in the Bahamas - so be sure to listen until the end!

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